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Our consulting partnerships have helped our clients complete many successful transformation projects, unlocking their true business potential. Our integrated approach combines consulting, technology and research services to provide a comprehensive portfolio of experience and expertise.


Our Agile Transformation services are designed to help organizations at various stages of Agile adoption, be it an early stage, establishing stage, or scaling stage. We offer Agile training across all Agile frameworks: Agile coaching, including various technical and product focus; Agile assessment, at team, portfolio or enterprise level; and maturity development. We have done Agile transformations at scale for large multinational organizations, as well as small and medium sized enterprises.


Our Digital Transformation services range from defining digital strategy to launching digital products. We combine our expertise in customer experience design, business and application architecture, product definition, and research, to enable your business to achieve digital transformation and provide the best value to your customers.


We believe that security should not be an after-thought, but should be embedded beginning with the business planning phase. We provide cyber security assessment, future state definition, security roadmaping, devSecOps design and implementation, security processes and tool implementation across the identity, application, data, infrastructure, and cloud security landscape.


Our customer experience design services include conducting usability workshops, defining customer experience, creating mock-ups, and designing screens using various industry leading tools.


We leverage our INVistra framework to define technology strategy, then we ensure that it is aligned with your business strategy goals. Our services include current state assessment, future state definition, roadmapping with incremental business value, and technology investment. Our approach leverages the depth or experience we have with various technologies, coupled with our research, to provide you the best value for your industry and organization.


With just the right amount of oversight, we effectively help organizations establish, mature and grow their enterprise architecture expertise. Our services include defining the framework, roles, metrics, policies and standards across all disciplines of enterprise architecture.


We know that it can be daunting to select the right product or vendor to meet your business needs. With our depth or experience in consulting, technology and research, and with the help of our multi-dimensional evaluation framework, we work with your stakeholders to recommend the right product or vendor. We leverage our our own experience, our access to industry analysts, and our ability to do rapid prototyping, to provide you with the right recommendation.

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