Customer Experience Design

UI and UX are an essential aspect of any successful, user-facing, technology project. As this realization becomes an accepted part of most projects, especially for the forward-thinking clients Innovecture often works with, we are positioned to provide UI and UX leadership, talent, and support.

Customer Experience Design, the combination of User Interface design and User Experience design, is an extremely varied, multifaceted field. The approach and process of UI/UX is often different based on the needs of the project, users, industry, information, etc. Good design improves the experience for the end user. Good user experience increases success, adoption, etc. Innovecture provides end-to-end capabilities or can augment an in-house or agency-based UI/UX team and strategy. Regardless of the scope, our experience, team, and process ensure success.

Innovecture Services include:

• User/Task Definition
• Concept Development
• Wireframe & Mockup Creation
• Brand/Theme Expansion
• Prototype Development
• Production Design

Process and Best Practices

Our process is based on industry best practices, but is tailored to be specific to each client’s unique needs and requirements.


We work to assemble and understand all pertinent project requirements and information. This might include written descriptions, competitive analysis, imagery, branding guidelines, flow diagrams, etc. We will identify any gaps we might see and seek more information so we can have as complete an understanding of the project as possible.

Understand the Users

It is vital to know the users. We will assemble profiles of the typical users, including high-level metrics like technical savviness and online knowledge. We will document all the user tasks that will be performed as well as the anticipated user expectations of the experience.

Create Preliminary Screens and Seek Feedback

We use the requirements, other information, and user understanding to create a set of preliminary screens. We will review the preliminary screens with the project stakeholders to explain our approach and get feedback. The feedback will be discussed and prioritized, then reflected in the preliminary screens for approval.

Create Clickable Prototype and Seek Feedback

The approved preliminary screens may then used to create a clickable prototype. This is very helpful in getting feedback from stakeholders and sample users. Any feedback gathered will again be discussed and prioritized, then reflected in the prototype screens as decided by the combined team for approval. Unless otherwise requested, the clickable prototype will be facilitated by using InVision (see below).

Prepare Screens

Once approved, the prototype screens will be prepared for handoff to the development team. Unless otherwise requested, this will be facilitated by using Zeplin (see below).


We review the screens during and after implementation, or as requested by the stakeholders. We recognize that the process and technology of implementation can require unforeseen modifications. We also recognize that reviewing a design for accuracy is not a skillset that all tech teams possess. We are there to help.


There are nearly endless ways to go about designing a web application. Unless specifically requested to do otherwise, we will use a combination of Sketch, Photoshop, InVision and Zeplin. Sketch is a proven application for screen design. Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing. InVision is an industry leader in presenting screens for review, either one-at-a-time or as a clickable prototype. Zeplin is an online tool which gives development teams all screen design specifications (text specs, spacing, screen elements, etc.) in an on-demand format.



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