Rapid Prototyping

During the requirements gathering phase, an iterative approach from requirements to prototype provides a visual simulation to business and technologies from the user experience point of view. This helps immensely to reduce the cost, a timeline of the project by minimizing the scope changes down the line and also helps in accurately meeting the user expectations. We offer the following services in Rapid Prototyping:

UI prototyping: We develop wireframes, mockup screens and also provide input from the usability perspective.

Application / workflow prototyping: With our process and workflow design expertise we offer rapid prototypes for application simulating the workflow and user interaction.

Applied Innovation

Businesses are facing diverse challenges across multiple fronts. Organizations must confront these new realities and develop an intrinsic ability to apply innovation with dynamism.

Innovecture, derived from Innovative Architecture, uses an innovation-led approach to help clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations, and to scale them with agility. We offer organizations an engaging process to explore, discover, test and finally deploy innovative solutions to match the growing needs for business sustainability.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for a partner who follows your business, understands the challenges and provides Applied Innovation through cutting edge technology in a conducive environment for maximum results.

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