Revolutionizing mobile commerce for

small businesses and consumers


Most of the small to medium sized businesses in the consumer services sector (restaurants, spas, etc.) do not have a single platform to provide online reservation, online ordering and digital payment ability to its customers at an affordable price. Most of the solutions available in the market are either focused on a single feature, such as online ordering or online reservation, or are specific to a single industry, such as restaurants. From an end-consumer perspective, to enjoy the convenience of mobile commerce often requires sharing payment information with multiple apps and multiple service providers, potentially increasing security risks.


SimPayX is a single platform for merchants to provide their services via online reservation and online ordering with integrated digital payment ability (based on patented payment technology). For consumers, SimPayX provides a single mobile commerce app across multiple industries. Using SimPayX a consumer can reserve a table at a restaurant, order and pay for food, or schedule and pay for a facial treatment at a SPA. SimPayX provides a simple, integrated, and low-cost platform to merchants and an easy to use, convenient and secure experience to consumers.


SimPayX provides an additional revenue channel for merchants with zero set-up fees and no minimum contracts. SimPayX was launched in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 10 restaurants participating in its beta release. In early 2022 SimpayX will be launched in the restaurant and SPA industry.
SimPayX will add conversational AI in a future release to add voice commands to conduct mobile commerce.

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