Rapid Prototyping

Our iterative approach to rapid prototyping provides stakeholders an accurate simulation of what the result can be.

Rapid prototyping helps to reduce project cost, development timeline and truly follows the customer-driven development methodology. Our designers and engineers quickly assess the current state and desired business objectives, then define a prototype design to provide our clients insight into the future product.

We provide two different rapid prototyping services:

UI Prototyping

We develop wireframes, mockup screens, and clickable prototypes to assess and gather user input.

Application/Workflow Prototyping

With our process and workflow design expertise, we develop rapid prototypes for application and workflow simulation.

Our sandbox deployment environments with automated CI/CD pipelines and automated test scripts  provide a fast and robust way to quickly deploy and test proof of concepts. Our library of various stubbed API’s, access to various development tools and a pool of expert engineers help our clients create proof of concept applications in a rapid and cost effective manner.



Digital and Omnichannel Banking Platform

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