Applied Research

We invest in our own research and development to ensure we always remain at the leading edge of technology and to launch innovative products.

As a result of this focus we have launched 4xVision and SimPayX, our flagship products.

We are a partner who follows each client’s business, understands their challenges and provides applied innovation through leading-edge technology. We use an innovation-led approach to help clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations, then scale them quickly. We offer an engaging process to explore, discover, test and deploy innovative solutions to fit business needs.

Our Applied research services fall into 2 categories:

Evaluation Research

Our research teams work on evaluating a product, service or process by comparing it to other available competitive products, services or processes. This provides detailed insights for our clients, along with specific business and technology parameters and comparisons. It also provides a great foundation for defining the improvements required to make the product, service or process better. Many times our research team also provides recommendations for improvements unless specifically kept out of scope.

Action Research

Our research teams work to develop solutions and proofs of concept to help our clients adopt new technology to meet their business objectives. We then guide our clients, using on our knowledge of the competitive environment and our industry expertise, by developing a roadmap to deliver value as they adopt new technology.




Our Applied Research team is happy to discuss a potential project or answer your questions.
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