Applied Innovation

We are committed to investing in ongoing research and are passionate about continuous innovation. We have built exciting products and new methods to bring unique capabilities to market. We leverage our research in each engagement with our clients, providing them the best value.


We understand the challenges in adopting new technology and have helped our clients adopt the right technology, based on their current technology portfolio and industry adoption. Our researchers work with your team of engineers and business stakeholders to demonstrate the value proposition of a new technology by doing quick proofs of concept...Read more


In this agile world it is extremely important to give stakeholders an early, accurate vision of the product to nail down the user experience. Our rapid prototyping team creates comprehensive prototypes early in the project so that all stakeholders are aligned and quick feedback/revisions can be facilitated...Read more


Our AI services leverage our research and partnership with leading AI product companies to provide you AI/ML consulting services in various areas such as conversational AI and image/text processing. Our AI consulting services are designed to help you improve the value proposition to your customers by leveraging both historical as well as real-time data...Read more

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