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Reciprocating Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion

Disclaimer: The content of this blog are my views, observations and understanding about the topic based on my personal experience.

The difference between empathy and compassion

What is the difference between having empathy and compassion? Here is an example which interprets the ways they differ:

“If someone was stuck in a quagmire:

Empathy would be: getting into the quagmire with them and trying to find a way out for both of you.

Compassion would be: keeping your own feet on solid ground and staying in a state of love while you reach out a hand or branch to help them to get out.”

Odille Remmert

Isn’t that what all of us want?

Isn’t it something that we all should be — empathetic and compassionate?

I know most of us embody it, we are good and generous to each other. But, can we not begin to apply this in our lives and bring it in the actions to the things that we know?

By bringing it in our conduct & projecting the light on this, we can bring a valuable change in the lives of the people around us, the people we hold dear, and possibly even to our co-workers. I believe the world would be a much happier, healthier place.

” There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.

Nelson Mandela

What can I do?

Consider these little acts of kindness that may light up someone’s day. It will not only add to your happiness and fulfillment, but you may emerge as a better person altogether:

  • Be sensitive and conscious of what you say or pass on. It might affect the other person in conflicting ways.
  • Be welcoming to everyone — Individuals should never be distinguished based on the type of work they do or rank people based on any criteria. Honestly, a warm and sincere welcome delivers a sense of caring and makes somebody feel appreciated.
  • Creating a positive outlook — Implanting hope and strength has always been a way to handle the situation. Positive surroundings lead to righteous decisiveness.
  • Imparting notes of gratitude — hand-write a thank you note to someone you admire, respect or who has helped you out, supported you in crises or just showed up for you or to the people you adore.
  • A sticky note ninja — stick post-it-notes with nice messages written on them to the ones you are thankful to or to your loved ones for any reason. Maybe just to let them know that you stand by them. (Keeping in mind the limited usage of paper — As Save Paper. Save Trees! Indeed).
  • Volunteering and donating to the charity communities — People are starting to learn how serving, helping each other and to the ones in need, not only benefit others but ourselves too. “Part of being a person is about helping others.”
  • Smiling at strangers — Smiling is contagious and it makes us feel even better if somebody smiles back. Amidst the abundant assurance of this most powerful gesture, your smile can be the source of another person’s joy. (Okay, so this doesn’t imply going insane, it refers to a responsive smile that we pass on or quite a greeting).
  • Letting somebody know that you acknowledge & admire what they do — This could be someone you know or people you admire, like a writer or an artist. This could be the one whom you get inspired by.

The essence is less about what you say and more about showing up. More compassion, fewer words.

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