The 1-click shop and pay solution!

Re-define the way you transact and enhance your shopping experience with SimPayX. The revolutionary product gives a convenient and secure experience when you shop and pay at a retail outlet or even pay at unattended systems. Now make your shopping experience fun with easy transactions anywhere, anytime without having to stand in long queues.

The Benefit

Save time and Enjoy convenience

Save your valuable time with SimPayX as you can pre-order and complete your payment transaction even before you reach the retailer outlet. With SimPayX on your mobile, you can have a very secure payment gateway that allows you to shop at unattended systems such as the vending machines, car wash and parking garages in addition to walk-in and drive-through establishments.

The product- (How it works)

Powered by Innovecture’s patent-pending Dynamic Menu Generation (DMG) and Reverse Authorization (rAuth) technology; the product creates high security and convenient transaction processes. Simplifying the way you pay; SimPayX facilitates transactions through your mobile device. By using your credit or debit card or loading money through the SimPayX app on your mobile device, you can literally leave your wallet at home by creating a mobile wallet.

The Technology

With the DMG (Dynamic Menu Generation), you no longer have to download the merchant menu through multiple apps as it allows you to download it in real-time based on the location proximity, or the user-searched data. You can also change the menu based on the merchant! With Reverse Authorization (rAuth) you can make the payment through your credit, debit or pre-paid card in real-time without having to send or store the payment information at the Point of Sale (POS). You can also store the data of your favorite location and just click it the next time you want to place an order!

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