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The Innovecture Impact (Case study)

Seamless B2B payments Case Study


The client is a Fortune 500 Financial services company. The client wanted specific business objectives such as Plug and Play-based API Experience, Configurable KYB/ KYC, Suite of Payments Methods (ACH, Check and Token Card), Faster Payment adequately supported by Fraud, Industry standard – two-layer authentication, Customizable solution for AP Integration and AR integration partners, Test Automation with 99.99% availability.


Aligning with the requirement, team Innovecture partnered with the business and technology executives to define technology strategy.

After an in-depth understanding of the as-is model of business and the challenges; Innovectire defined the architecture and design for the B2B platform. The platform was built and integrated with various internal and external platforms over a period of 24 months. After the successful building of the platform; it was launched in incremental phases for the client’s partners. Innovecture was recruited to deliver this platform to leverage and achieve the following advantages-


  • B2B/ B2C domain experts for US Market
  • Skilled and experienced Mainframe & Java Developers
  • Skilled developers and Test automation engineers
  • Agile development process
  • Result: Partners can be on boarded into E3 within 3 days
  • 3000+ test cases automated and integrated with DevOps
  • New/ Additional features can be deployed in 6 weeks (Concept – Build – test)

With its vast experience and expertise in B2C and B2B domains for US markets, team Innovecture met both US – MSB regulatory requirements & statutory reporting while a 24* 7 L1 & L2 Support infrastructure was created for the client.

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