Comprehensive Strategy Framework


We are witnessing the adoption of the Agile framework in the industry with mixed results. With a people-first attitude, some organizations have adopted the Agile framework correctly to suit the needs of their culture. Other organizations, where the focus seems to be more on the process itself rather than the people, struggle to adopt the Agile framework.

The Agile framework gives a good foundation to implement and release a product vision. However, it does not tell you how to define business goals or capabilities, and how to link them to the overall enterprise vision. It also does not give you a framework for breaking business capabilities into specific processes and milestones, and then how to identify and define technology capabilities, platforms, and milestones to deliver success.


INVistra is a comprehensive framework for business and tech stakeholders to jointly create a business and tech strategy with a roadmap containing specific milestones prioritized to deliver maximum business value at reduced tech risk.

INVistra provides a structured approach for business stakeholders to capture ideas as business goals, link the business goals to enterprise goals, and then define/refine business processes to achieve the goals. Once the business goals are clearly articulated, business stakeholders can then use INVistra to create a business roadmap with specific milestones to provide maximum business value.

Based on discussions with business stakeholders, and using the business roadmap, tech stakeholders can use the INVistra framework to identify/define tech capabilities and platforms, then create a roadmap to meet the business goals while minimizing overall risk. This is an iterative process where, based on tech input, business may need to revise its roadmap.

Vision and Strategy Definition Framework

The best time to use INVistra is when the product/strategy vision is being laid out. Innovecture has seen great results when key business and tech stakeholders are together in the working session, ideally in person or over video conference. Innovecture has led many of these strategy sessions and our clients have recognized the following benefits by using INVistra.

• Comprehensive framework to transform business and tech thoughts into milestones

• Rapid turnaround and cost savings in defining business and tech strategy

• Better alignment among business and tech stakeholders, due to a better decision framework for governing projects

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