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Dave Mecham

How Am I Growing Innovecture

UI and UX are an essential aspect of any successful user-facing technology project. As this realization becomes an accepted part of most projects, especially for the forward-thinking clients Innovecture often works with, we are positioned to provide UI and UX leadership, talent, and support. We can provide end-to-end capabilities or augment an in-house or agency-based UI/UX team and strategy.

My Previous Track Record

My education and background started in fine art. I have a BFA degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University. Almost all of my professional career, now spanning more than two decades, has been spent in technology where I have worked to bring good design and user experience to the online world. I have been privileged to work on many notable projects and with wonderful people for some of the top companies in North America.

Personally Speaking

In my free time I can be found with my family, often enjoying the mountains near our home. I find inspiration and energy in many outdoor pursuits, including trail running, fly fishing and backpacking trips. My interests in art and other related creative ventures keep me young at heart and always eager to see and experience new things.

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