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Amanda Barnett

How Am I Growing Innovecture

As the General Manager of APAC, my focus is on maintaining and growing our customers, our footprint, and our employees in the Asia Pacific Region (including Japan).

It is inspiring to work with so many talented people who just get on with it, keep it real, and get the job done. The level of humanity and emotional intelligence displayed within our team creates an environment of mutual respect within our team, which translates into exceptional win-win scenarios within our organisation and for our customers.

The continual inspiration and collaboration that comes from people who have psychological safety is the enabler of innovation. Within this environment and energy of creation, I plan to grow personally and professionally, enabling innovative technology concepts for our clients, utilising the abundant talent I am surrounded by within my team.

My Previous Track Record

My career has spanned more than 25 years in a variety of fields, including strategic account management, revenue generation, working with tier one organisations on digital strategy and innovation, sales leadership, business development strategy, and leadership. I have a Master’s in Business Information Technology and a keen interest in all things human behaviour related.

Personally Speaking

I live in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia with my partner. We have a blended family of 2 sons and a daughter: Arky (22), Jasper (16), and Saskia (20). In my spare time, I love to hang out with my family, walk my dog Coco on the beach, do yoga, take photographs, play tennis and swim. In the winter, I also enjoy snow skiing.

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