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The Innovecture Impact (Case study)

the objective:

A business model that provides an integrated customer experience while prioritizing high security can be the true measure of a successful Digital Banking solution. The Client- a fortune 500 Financial services company was looking at a similar outcome across the banks and also across their credit card customers while reducing expenditures.

The Approach and Process

The perfect know-how of high-end technology with the right roadmap toward achieving the objective led to a highly successful impact by the technology evangelists at Innovecture.

A systematic approach starting from partnering with one of the best business and technology executives; our team defined a 3-year vision and roadmap. We defined the architecture for the next generation banking platform and created an RFP framework. From evaluating core banking vendors to make a recommendation to providing inputs in building an effective business case to facilitate funding for the multi-million dollars initiative, team innovecture exercised every expertise in both business and technology realm to make the right impact.

Unleashing the creative ideation and execution process for the design and development of responsive UI, API layer; team Innovecture achieved the objective of creating an integrated customer experience across credit cards and banks to deliver a single customer view. We also played the role of Systems integrator across multiple vendors.

With consistent efforts and making use of all the expertise in technology and business, the client experienced 25% projected ongoing savings, and an integrated bank and credit card customer experience to increase the cross-sell across products. The flexible API layer helped reduce the time required for the processes such as account opening, funds transfer, and transactions. Also, the impact facilitated cross channel communication reducing the call center traffic and thus improving customer satisfaction to a great extent

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