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The Innovecture Impact (Case study)

Collaborative Commerce Case Study


The client owns a chain of restaurants and at the time of the requirement was looking for a solid solution to be able to attract customers using smart phones for ordering food. They were also looking for a mechanism to send targeted offers to customers and process successful payment transactions.


After fully understanding the requirement; team Innovecture leveraged the IoT based SimPayX platform to achieve a comprehensive solution for the restaurant.

The IoT based platform enabled the client to add multiple restaurants to the platform and configure the various parameters such as menu, campaigns and have a different look and feel for each restaurant based on the preference. It also gave ability to the merchant to transmit BLE signals so that the customers’ device could reach out and engage customers to browse through the menu of the restaurant. Innovecture was able to get the restaurants up and running with the SimPayx system within few hours and with no investment from the merchant.

The solution of the SimPayX platform provided additional sales/revenue channel to the merchant. It also provided a platform to customize and send targeted offers to the customers. On the other hand, the platform enabled the customers a convenient way to order food whether for delivery or pick up from their mobile devices without having to stand in queues. Customers were also able to use a single app for multiple restaurants and also with vending machines where the SimPayX readers were installed.

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