Case Study:

Providing UI/UX Expertise to an

in-house Product Team


A Fortune 500 financial services company


To create and publish 100+ web pages in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), supporting the rollout of a new financial product offering. The product team lacked in-house UI/UX expertise to extend and apply a design that was created by an agency. The team also needed to come up to speed with authoring/managing content in AEM.


Innovecture provided an experienced UI/UX designer to be part of the core product team. The designer worked on-site and remotely with the team, helping to provide the UI/UX expertise needed, AEM authoring capabilities, as well as overall project leadership.


The initial scope of work involved UI/UX design only, but soon expanded as the designer filled needs in AEM authoring, proofing and review. The product team also needed leadership to help mentor less experienced team members. The senior management team asked the designer to fill this role as well. A number of design and technical challenges were overcome. The design had to be adapted to AEM capabilities, in multiple ways. Custom AEM components were developed – a first inside the company. The product website roll-out was well received. It was touted as one of the ‘cleanest’ roll-outs in recent memory. The outcome has been very successful by all accounts. The ongoing needs of the project, combined with the exemplary performance of the designer, have created a long running client engagement.

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