Case Study:

Payment Engine and

Widget Modernization


A Fortune 500 client


The client needed a payment engine that integrated with various payment providers


Innovecture developed a global payment interface which allowed seamless integration with various payment providers. The solution enables end clients to use multiple payment options. It also gives a seamless experience to onboard any new client application and provides an aggregated view of transactions and other metrics via an intuitive dashboard


The resulting payment widget provides:

– Easy and quick end-client integration with multiple payment gateways like Cyber Source, Stripe and Braintree.

– International support for 150+ currencies

– Subscription payment support

– Supports popular payment methods like card, ACH, Apple Pay, and Android Pay (now Google Pay).

– Reporting on metrics such as:

  • Total amount of transactions
  • Most active partners
  • Preferential payment methods
  • Geographical location of customer base

More than 10 applications have been launched with this payment interface.

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