Case Study:

Cyber Security Transformation


A fin-tech unicorn


A fintech firm approached Innovecture for help cracking their security needs puzzle. The company had rapidly grown from startup to unicorn. The pace of growth, along with regulatory constraints, had posed unique challenges to information security. At the same time, the client needed to keep up its digital edge to protect its competitive advantage, while evolving its products and services to cater to the growing needs of its customer network.


Innovecture worked closely with the Chief Infosec Officer and security team to define the overall security strategy. To achieve this, we undertook an elaborate security assessment exercise at various levels in the organization. Our team quickly realized that two types of application portfolios existed within the organization – legacy applications primarily deployed to on-premises data centers and greenfield applications developed and deployed on the cloud. Innovecture proposed a checklist-based security model for the legacy applications and a more holistic security model for the cloud-based applications, where security and compliance were built into the continuous delivery pipeline. We also helped define secure patterns to help cloud-based applications connect with on-premises applications, and vice versa, where needed.


Innovecture’s 360-degree security assessment quickly helped the customer identify and prioritize security vulnerability fixes, as well as address security anti-patterns. The checklist-based approach for legacy applications ensured that critical security needs were met. The modern DevSecOps practices ensured security and quality gates were built into the software delivery pipelines and provided a more proactive approach to security, thereby significantly reducing the risk of security incidences. With Innovecture’s help, security clearance time for legacy apps was decreased by two-thirds. Additionally, the client now confidently releases new software to their cloud-based environment, without a lengthy security clearance overhead.

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