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Vijay Vyas

How Am I Growing Innovecture

Everything I do is geared to help Innovecture in strategy, R&D, corporate development, design, Technology and Innovation. I am mainly focused on to evolve Innovation and technology with my knowledge and to influence employees with my leadership to produce creative ideas, products, and services, to ensure Innovecture continued success and stay competitive with my leadership skills.

My Previous Track Record

I have majorly work for Banking, Finance, Card  and Insurance industries and server fortune 500 companies as a Solution architect and Principal consultant. I am a techno savvy person and always keep myself with technology. Apart from software, I love playing with machine and IOT is one of the area which help me to talk with them. I am a B.Tech from Rajasthan University.

Personally Speaking

I live in Pune with my wife Neelam, my son Nilay and daughter Anaya, as an individual I love music, do play piano, on a long vacation I love exploring new places, do long road trips a lot and love capturing those movements and share my experience with others on my youtube channel. I do spend my weekends to share my knowledge with freshers or learning new technology and trends

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