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Ajay Rajan

How Am I Growing Innovecture

I help Innovecture to devise strategy for its clients with top notch Technology, primarily on the Banking and Finance sector. I work as a consultant for my client on various platforms to build a system which covers Digital Transformation, Agile Program management, Technology & Innovation with new tools along with the strategical roadmap for future. By doing this I focus on the client relationship for Innovecture and oversee all aspects of client acquisition and development.

My Previous Track Record

I am passionate about empowering my clients towards Digital Transformation, NextGen Agile Methodology and technology engagements. to migrate from Legacy system to NextGen systems for several verticals including Retail, BNFS and Insurance for my Fortune 500 clients and help them grow in their market. I always look forward to enrich client relationships by providing them with strategic solutions and I am driven towards client satisfaction. As part of my academic excellence I hold my Bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from India.

Personally Speaking

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Kethsy and son Caleb. I love to listen music, play drums and play field hockey. I love driving and would prefer to go on road trips to explore new destinations during vacations. But off-late spending time with my toddler son to explore new world with him is something that I would cherish for life. I am grateful to God for all the blessings that I currently hold including my parents and family.

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